Your Lager Questions Answered.

17 May, 2017



Thanks for all the amazing feedback online regarding our lager release tomorrow.... We've had lots of positive feedback, along with some questions. We hope this will answer and explain our decisions...Sorry it's quite long, but we wanted to answer questions fully. 


We'll only be releasing the Lager at 3 Marlow pubs and at Pub in the Park, it will not be available to try or buy in the brewery shop until September.

Why is the lager not in the brewery shop on the day of release?

As we are still in the middle of our expansion program, we are very limited on the supply of Lager, until late September.

This gave us a tricky decision to make as to where we should launch the lager. In the shop or via the trade or both. We certainly don't have enough capacity to do both so that route is out.

The trade is our traditional route to market and much easier to control volumes sold. We think it's important to have regular supply and not be constantly running out, so by managing the number of outlets we supply, we can control volume sold and minimise the potential to run out.

The shop is of equal importance, however much harder to control the volumes sold, without running out every week, which then leads to constant disappointment for customers. Also we are very busy on bottling over the summer period and having to fit in a new 330 ml bottle into our bottling program will be very complicated and put that are under significant pressure. (The lager will only be available in 330ml bottles in the shop).


Where will the beer be available on Friday the 19th May?

On the day of release, it will not be available to try or buy from the brewery shop but you can try the lager at

  • The Royal Oak, Marlow
  • The Hand and Flowers, Marlow
  • Pub in the Park will have the lager available.

(UPDATE 25-5: The following pubs are now serving lager)

  • The Bootlegger, High Wycombe
  • The Bounty, Bourne End
  • The Jolly Farmer, Cookham Dean
  • The White Horse, Hedgerley
  • Bel O Dragon, Cookham

Will the Rebellion brewery shop sell the lager?

Unfortunately, not until September when we will then have the capacity to brew enough to supply the large number of 330 ml bottles we'd need for the shop.


Will you be able to sample the lager in the Rebellion shop?

Not to begin with, but watch out for news about sample opportunities in the shop over the coming weeks.


Will more places serve the lager in the future?

Yes, after the initial release on Friday more pubs will start taking delivery over the next few weeks.

As this is a new type of beer, it requires new dispense equipment, new keg filling processes and new brewing techniques. We are releasing it in phases so we can better control quality and its impact on the brewery. Once September's tanks are installed we will be able to supply to many more pubs. We will keep you up to date as more pubs start to take it.


Why are only a few places serving the lager in the short term?

There are a few reasons why only a limited number of our customers will be serving our lager.

  1. Our capacity; we can only brew a certain amount of the new lager. Once we install new tanks in September we will be able to brew more and therefore supply more customers.
  2. Many local pubs are tied to a pub company e.g. Enterprise Inns, Punch Taverns or Stonegate. These pubs can only serve products that are on a list given to them by their owners. If our lager isn't on the list, they can't have it.
  3. From a quality perspective, we want to manage our move to lager carefully to ensure that it tastes great every time you try it, hence the slow roll out.


Why those three pubs?

We wanted to launch it in Marlow and these are the only 3 pubs in Marlow that are free of brewery/supplier ties which allow them to stock it direct from us. All other pubs in Marlow have restrictions on which lagers they can take so currently we can't supply even if they want to take it. However as mentioned above we will be rolling it out to more pubs locally over the coming weeks.

We apologise if this is frustrating, we will be trying to get the lager out there as fast as we can but with our current capacity restrictions and with the priority of the quality of our beer and service, we feel a slow start is the best way forward.


Is it like the old Pilsner?

It'll be lighter, crisper and than the old Pilsner. If you liked the old, you should definately enjoy the new.

If you have more questions please get in touch so we can explain. Either call on 01628 476594 or email