Car Parking News - Please Read

17 March, 2017

Can you help us out?

If you are a regular to our shop on a Friday evening, you'll know that it has become the busiest time of the week. This is fantastic for us as a business, it creates a great atmosphere and we are more than happy for you to sample the beers before you stock up for the weekend. Unfortunately, the increasing number of people staying for an extended period is putting huge pressure on our carpark between 4:30pm and 6pm.

Despite our best efforts to increase and manage on-site parking, the issue is now starting to impact on our neighbours and has recently caused potentially dangerous problems at the entrance as cars queue on the road to get in.

We really need to address this situation now, and we would like to ask for your help with this. If you are arriving by car during this period, we would ask you to please consider the length of time you stay on site.

To avoid the crowds altogether we would recommend coming either earlier on Friday or Saturday morning.  

Many thanks for your understanding in this matter, have a great weekend.

The Rebellion Team